Essay writing in English

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Nowadays it is more and more common to have to write your thesis in English. And that, although you could write all the chores in German throughout the course of study. Some lecturers also encourage their students to write this work in English, although they could do it in German. Now some problems and questions arise: How do I do that? Is my English sufficient for such scientific work? What speaks for writing in English? There are some advantages to writing in English. Read on, how you can easily overcome this last hurdle and what you should pay attention to when writing your bachelor thesis in English.

Why write the thesis in English?

There are many things that speak in English for writing a scientific paper. Many universities allow writing in English, even though the entire course was previously in German, while it has almost become mandatory in other courses. There are situations in which an English bachelor thesis is offered. If your instructor recommends that you write your thesis in English, you should consider doing so. Since it is more difficult to write this scientific paper in English, it will be credited to you even later. You may be able to get a better grade because you’ve embarked on the challenge.

For example, if you plan to go abroad when you graduate from the university, you may want to write your thesis in English. This way, future employers can see at first glance that your English is sufficient. But even if you want to stay in Europe, writing in English can be beneficial. The writing of theses in a foreign language testifies to courage and strength. This can be credited to you later in your professional life.

Select and read literature in English

In many subject areas the required literature is in English – so citation is often easier if you write your thesis in English. You do not have to worry about translating or transferring the important quotes into German. In addition, many of the reading already often gives one’s own thoughts about the topic in English. This makes it easier to write the thesis entirely in English.

Another important point in writing an English graduation thesis is that you can also have your work published. Sometimes you can have a shortened version of his work published. If you also want to do a doctorate after undergraduate and graduate studies, you have already overcome the first hurdle of an English text. The dissertation is also written in English in most cases. So you have the distinct advantage that you have previously been able to write such a work in English and know what to look for when writing.

What do you have to look for when writing in English?

The preparation for a bachelor thesis in English works just as well as for a german work. However, one has to pay attention to some things that are different in an English bachelor thesis than in a thesis in German. The differences are mainly in the use of language.

In English, not as in German, much more actively written. While you have learned that a scholarly work in German should necessarily contain a lot of passivity, you need to say goodbye to this idea when you write in English.

In English, more verbs are used. This makes the language – and thus the reading – more dynamic and, of course, more exciting. An important advantage of scientific texts.

Try to avoid pronouns in English. Although nowadays the generic he is still often used, it is no longer appreciated in the literature.

Stay as gender-neutral as possible when writing.

It is definitely worth reading other literature. So you get a good overview of how to structure and formulate such a work well.

Maybe one of your friends has already written such a work in English? If that is the case, it is worthwhile to look at this work and learn from it. And if you’re having trouble with a particular sentence, look at the dictionary anyway.

KISS: Keep it Short and Simple

The Kiss method states that in English you should definitely try to convey facts in short sentences clearly and clearly. Avoid nesting sets; write short and concise sentences instead. And definitely try to keep your work as exciting as possible. The sentences should also be easy and understandable. While many scientific papers sound very complicated in German (and should sound like that), in English you convince with a clear structure and simple sentences.

The most important thing: you can do it!

If you have decided to write your thesis in English, one thing is very important: do not be afraid! Your English will be good enough to write such a paper. Go to work without hesitation, maintain a good structure, and stay calm. When you have reached the end of your work, let others proofread. Surely you have one or two English-speaking friends – or even a native or native speaker – who would like to help you correct your work. In most cases, you can better fine-tune certain sentences and words and help you with formulation difficulties.

Important: Do not doubt your English.

Definitely you have read a lot in English and you also watch a lot of movies in that language: All this helps you to write your English thesis. The pluses that you will get from your lecturer will help as motivation. And: By writing in English, you know what you can do and where your strengths and weaknesses may still lie. That will definitely help you in the future.